Technology information:

As a registered keeper of data protection, I strongly advise my clients to use a safe platform for our work to ensure safety of the material my client and I will share.  This is also for my safe keeping and practice.

I might suggest a free email account with Proton Mail this is encrypted end to end this means words are jumbled up during the process providing recipient has proton mail too they can return documents in the same way. If you download this is free to sign up too for our work together.

I offer email counselling also, we could work in this way if preferred, this might give you more flexibility and you can do this weekly (less likely to forget or be kept to a time limited) the sessions where you can reply in your own time.

I would suggest sending me a weekly email containing no more than a 1,000 this is roughly a A4 sheet of paper. I will reply back in 500 words and will spend 50mins in total doing so. You will only receive one weekly email from myself and at the said time we agree.

Information about secure platforms:

Please see below details for using secure platforms.

I advise my clients to use whilst working together either through text chat or videoconferencing.


• VSee uses 256 bit FIPS 140-2 AES (advanced encryption standard) for all traffic

• VSee provides a simple, rich API (application programming interface) that supports secure medical workflows

This means encryption on all control and media traffic. Everything is always encrypted. VSee uses RSA public/private key to exchange the AES session key such that the VSee servers do not have access to the AES session key. This means only the people in your conversation can decrypt data passed through VSee.

I will send the contract and GDPR privacy notice also other sensitive data to you through a site I use Another way of sending documents safely if you are unable to use proton mail for our work together. I would ask these are returned using the same site.



Working with young people over 12 please read:

VSee recommend that young people will always be under the supervision of their parents or guardians whilst accessing information or engaging in services online the email address the young person uses will be connected to a responsible adults email address.