So I've been here with my therapist mom for 5 weeks and 3 days

My day consists of being cuddled, eating, walking and sleeping, usually outside therapist mom's door waiting for her to finish her 50mins sessions to come and say a quick hello which usually consists of another cuddle and a little chat. (she sings to me 'hello lovely Nala, no judgement here).

I've caught my therapist mom on a few occasions this week as I've walked in on her practicing mindful breathing (the door was open get in 'paw pump') she looked like a frozen statue. I've seen this a few times (I wasn't sure at first, but no judgement here she feeds, cuddles and walks me daily).

Therapist Mum's human man comes home, (I'll call him Dad, he feeds me and plays with me. 'I've tried on a number of occasions to tell therapist mom he's home. I am met with the shut door'.

'I'm a little wary of people therapist mom has been taking me out in the hope to help with this. I feel a little anxious and overwhelmed when humans come towards me and make any sudden movement'. I had an operation when I was a pup called diamond eye, my therapist mom is not sure if I can see her and I can't tell her anything different. What I can do is smell her then I feel safe.

 I like little people about the same size as me and I like other dogs too. 

'I went down to the football club last Saturday I'm going down there again this Saturday to watch my human man who isn't my Dad play football. They have another human man and human woman also another one that I see'. I see lots of human men and women when I go to the football club and small people and dogs which makes me feel safe too.

I am slightly concerned about the weeks and months ahead, I heard therapist mom was thinking of having my nails painted and had spoken to her nail woman friend and she told her it can be done.


Mind blown

Looks like a decent walk tomorrow is on the cards before my socialising afternoon. then on Sunday out walking with my BFF Izzy.

Check back again for Nala's News what colour shall I have my nails done.